What to Expect at Echo Lake Camp

You arrive on the Friday night of Fall Camp you will find the registrar in the dining hall who will go over your information and let you know where you will be sleeping for the weekend and what team you are on. To start off the weekend, there will be some "get to know you' games and speaker introduction.

What are Team Leaders (TLs) and Leaders in Training (LTs)?

Echo Lake provides an opportunity for growth and development in Christian leadership for our senior campers aged 18 to 21. Young men and women who are passionate about serving God and their fellow campers and to themselves are a seasoned Echo Lake camper are invited to demonstrate their leadership abilities. The role of the Team Leader (TL) is one in which a senior camper (male and female) mentors, supports, and shares wisdom from her/his experiences in various settings including the morning team discussions, while on the sports field, and during the facilitating of nighttime devotions with her/his assigned campers. This person is a committed Christian -- not perfect but earnest in her/his desire to be a follower of Jesus. TLs are selected from those campers who have had an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership acuity through our LT (leader in training) program. An LT is an 18-year-old who puts her/his name forward as someone who desires to assist the TL in her/his duties and responsibilities throughout the week of summer camp. This person is also on a Christian path and is working at deepening her/his relationship with Christ as well as deepening her/his understanding of and experiences in leadership.

Camp Staff

As well as your LT and TL, the staff that you will encounter throughout the weekend are these people (and more!):

Weekend and Summer Camp Managers - Scott Kennedy and Steve Hutchison

Registrar - Susan Zerf


Camp Nurse(s) - Robyn Veley & Gloria Peters

All medication is to be handed into the nursing staff at registration. Our nurses will be available to administer medication at required times.

Program Coordinators - Team Effort

(introductions to the whole team will come the first evening of camp)

Role of Deans and Sleeping Arrangements

Deans - Corey and Brittany Zerf

Campers are housed in dorms according to gender and then according to team. The TL and LT both sleep in an area of a dorm, with the team members in bunk beds around them. Deans of the same gender will visit the dorms at bed time to check for attendance on each team and to remind campers of their "lights out" time. Deans are specially selected to serve as a sort of "first line" of camper interaction, and they do a great job of making sure that campers feel comfortable, and have an accessible staff member that they can approach with any concern or need. Deans also inspect the dorms each morning to ensure Cabin Clean Up is done to health and safety standards.

Dietary Needs

Special Diets Coordinator - Rebecca Kennedy

In the registration process, each camper is asked if there are dietary restrictions. Campers are expected to let us know if there are such restrictions, and to provide their own food products if necessary. Rebecca is in the kitchen and available to help with preparation of special meal items, and to assist the campers with determining whether the food items offered within the menu are suitable for their diet. Please note that Echo is NOT allergen free. Meals may include eggs, wheat (or other gluten), milk and other dairy products, and other potential allergens. Also please be aware that nuts and peanuts are on site. We do our best to segregate as necessary, but caution should be taken by individual campers as needed. If you need further information, please feel free to contact the camp or Rebecca prior to camp to discuss the menu and your needs.


The overriding focus at Echo Lake is the spiritual development of our campers. Our morning sessions kick off with awesome worship music led by campers, as well as an opportunity for campers to share what God is doing in their lives. Then the speaker will bring a teaching time from the Bible. Spiritual growth continues with Quiet Time in the evening when campers are encouraged to be alone and to prepare their hearts and minds to be open to what God might teach them through the speaker's words. Evening sessions, again begin with meaningful, camper-led worship music, sharing time and a talk from the speaker.

Afternoons are full of activity with teams competing in volleyball, 3-pitch and bordenball. Our Tuck Shop is open during free time, where campers can purchase a variety of items at a reasonable cost. We encourage campers to come with appropriate shoes and clothing for sports and a Bible to help them engage in the memory work and Bible study.

Evening activities take place after the worship service concludes. There are a variety of both indoor and outdoor, team and large group events. Some examples include: campfires, team skits, afternoon fun activities etc.

Relationship Talks - Girls and boys separate during one of the morning sessions to discuss issues of sexuality in a safe environment and from a God honouring perspective. These discussions are facilitated by adult staff members.

Special Occasion Meals - Celebration Dinner

At these special occasion meals, some campers are inclined to invite someone to sit with them. While we as a staff do not discourage this, we do not actively promote it.